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Samba Filesharing Server on OpenBSD for macOS Client


I do most of my work on one of two MacBooks—a 2014 Air or 2018 Pro—and occasionally on an older model Lenovo ThinkPad running OpenBSD 6.5. Staying synced between the two Macs is trivial as they're both in the cloud but apart from using my own Nextcloud server on an OpenBSD VPS for storing some personal data, I wanted a seamless option for filesharing between the ThinkPad and MacBooks when at home on the local network. This was a relatively pain-free task …

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Time Machine Backups on OpenBSD with Netatalk


Apple's automatic backup app Time Machine is a fantastic utility that does hourly, daily, and weekly backups of local snapshots. This enables you to restore the system to a previous state in the event of a catastrophic failure—a somewhat rare occurence on the ever-so-stable macOS. The caveat being that storage is limited to AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) compatible devices like the Apple AirPort Time Capsule. Fortunately, Netatalk provides an open source AFP file server that works flawlessly on OpenBSD, and setup is trivial.

Install Netatalk

Like most …

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