I’m a Computer Science Student majoring in Software Engineering. Keenly interested in programming languages, I'm C-capable, C++ proficient, Python literate, and a latent Lisp learner. I run OpenBSD on a ThinkPad, and macOS on an iMac and MacBook Pro; but haven't used Microsoft Windows at home since last century. I find that up-to-date and pertinent OpenBSD guides are somewhat scarce—relatively speaking—which is in large part due to the fact that it just works and works really well; not to mention the exceptional official documentation available in the OpenBSD FAQ. Invariably, however, there are things that need some explanation and tweaking, which is why I decided to build a repository of OpenBSD related material to help expedite future deployments, which might also benefit others in the administration of their OpenBSD boxen.

Puffy partisan UNIX user; free and open source software contributor, Internet privacy advocate; C-collegian, provisionary Python pickling latent Lisp layman; sometimes studying, always learning—computer science student.