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L2TP IPSec VPN with npppd on OpenBSD


If you're even slightly security- or privacy-conscious, which in the present era of Big Data and tech oligarchs is a provident predilection, you should, if not already, be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). And I don't mean one of the oft-advertised commercial offerings you see plastered about social media—but one that you control. Where every outgoing request that leaves your computer is tunneled through an encrypted private network owned and operated by you. Fortunately, the …

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Let's Encrypt HTTPS with acme-client on OpenBSD


Since OpenBSD 5.9, the base system comes with acme-client: an open source implementation in C that requests a free HTTPS certificate from the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority. It is super simple to setup and even easier to use. And once your certificate is issued, the acme-renew script will ensure your website stays TLS encrypted for the remainder of its lifetime.

The following guide assumes OpenBSD 6.2, please refer to the relevant man pages for future releases.

Setup acme-client

Open the file /etc/acme-client …

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