Privacy Policy

I'm a staunch privacy advocate with an idealised view of privacy as an inalienable human right. And maugre the difficulty of privacy in the digital milieu of the Internet, endeavour to adhere to a set of principles that comport with this view. The following items define the subset that pertains to the protection of privacy in the administration of this site:

  • no data collection beyond the OpenBSD httpd log that records date, time, source IP address, and http request;
  • no data sharing with any third-party;
  • no data solicitation;
  • clear and transparent policy regarding privacy; and
  • any reproduction of the aforementioned data will be anonymised and only released to this site for educational and/or entertainment purposes.

As a parallel, there will be no attempt to use site engagement for marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes.

Should you have any concerns, please send correspondence to any channel listed on the contact page.