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L2TP IPSec VPN with npppd on OpenBSD


If you're even slightly security- or privacy-conscious, which in the present era of Big Data and tech oligarchs is a provident predilection, you should, if not already, be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). And I don't mean one of the oft-advertised commercial offerings you see plastered about social media—but one that you control. Where every outgoing request that leaves your computer is tunneled through an encrypted private network owned and operated by you. Fortunately, the …

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RSA Encryption Algorithm


RSA is perhaps the most well-known asymmetric cryptographic algorithm. When it was first introduced back in 1977, it revolutionised cryptography. The public-key cryptosystem, developed by creators Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman, uses prime factorisation to create a trapdoor function that produces both a public and private key known as a key pair. And by creating separate keys for encryption and decryption, this groundbreaking innovation removed the need to secretly and securely share a single secret key to exchange encrypted messages; with wide distribution of the …

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